What does it take to become a real estate star?  Stop blending in and start STANDING OUT!  This high energy, humorous & inspirational event will leave your audience with crazy excitement and solid ideas to take their business to heights they’ve only imagined…until now.

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Speaking Topics

"I Wanna Be a Real Estate ROCK STAR"

Keynote or session that covers the 6 Core Elements it takes to be the face of your business & a STAR in your market.  Our most popular talk!

"3-Step Magic Branding Formula"

Keynote or Session talk that covers the only formula that works for personal branding.  Includes a blueprint for branding & examples from agents across 3 countries.

"Defining & Finding Your Fans"

Workshop that teaches agents how to zoom in on their ideal customer and define a direction that creates rabid fans & incredible referrals.

"Marketing To (and Against) Millennials"

Session talk that dispels the myths and stereotypes about the largest population segment in the U.S.  We break down the steps to win them over (and compete with them, too). 

More than a brand. I had no idea the value I was getting when I came into the BrandFace program.  This is top shelf information on how to separate myself from my competition.”

Dr. John McMillen

"Professor of Success", College Professor/ Author & Founder of Agent Success Academy (Fresno, CA)

I knew I had it all.  I just didn’t have it all ‘together’ until BrandFace.  I just received over $6 million in referrals, and it’s because people see me differently now.  I’ve finally found my place.

Terressa Stark

"Your Home Navigator", REALTOR®, (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Within a year after joining BrandFace, I rose to the top 1/3 of my large, competitive brokerage & all my listings are exactly what I envisioned. It gave me the direction and confidence I needed.”

Tony Guy

"Home Wise Guy", REALTOR® (San Antonio, TX)